Give your carpet a new lease of life with the Hoover FH50150 Carpet Basics Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet Cleaner. Cleaning carpets is made so much easier with its SpinScrub multiple brush system, DualV Nozzle and forced heated air which promotes faster drying.

The carpet cleaner comes with an automatic detergent mixing option, only rinse option and easy to access, fill, empty and clean spill free tanks. An accessory pack containing extra tools, cleaning solution, hose and tool storage is included for all your cleaning needs.

Spinning brush system

The SpinScrub technology has multiple easily removable brushes for cleaning, which spins and cleans carpet fibers for a thorough, 360 degree clean.

Deep cleaning action

The carpet cleaner loosens and removes stubborn dirt and uses the help of powerful brushes and suction to keep clean carpets. Any carpet can be cleaned using its automatic height adjustment feature.

Dual-tank system

Clean and dirty water are kept separate tanks with quick-pour spill-free spouts

 Select Wash and Rinse for a thorough clean

After washing carpets with soap and water remove the soap residue with its rinsing with only water feature.

Additional tools

The Hoover carpet cleaner has an 8’ hose for cleaning stairs, upholstery and carpeted surfaces along with a crevice tool and upholstery brush. Other accessories include a mesh tool storage bag and 16oz. Clean Plus 2x Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner.

Quicker drying time

The carpet cleaner’s dual V nozzle which evenly and consistently sucks water and heated forced air reduces the carpet’s drying time.

Automatic detergent mixing system

Carpets are thoroughly cleaned as the carpet cleaner mixes and delivers water and detergent in right proportions.


  • One of the cheaper carpet cleaners from Hoover
  • 2 year limited warranty
  • SpinScrub system effectively removes pet messes, blood, wine and other deeply soaked carpet stains.
  • Lightweight as it weighs only 20 pounds without any water.
  • Small water tanks offer better maneuverability
  • Rinse option helps remove any soap residue in the carpet
  • Quickly dries carpets with its heated forced air
  • Easy to assemble and use.
  • Sometimes springs leaks which are difficult to fix or replace.
  • The 20’ power cord is not that long for an effective clean
  • Does not clean upholstery and thick carpets very well or effectively.
  • Brushes may stop rotating when screws in its brush rotation turbine rusts as the screws are not sealed and easily gets wet.

The most obvious thing to do while buying body pillows online is to check and compare the best pregnancy pillow reviews. Though this is a good move, you need to know what to look out for in these reviews.

To help you out, here is a compilation of some of the things to look out for, and compare in pregnancy pillow reviews.

  1. Removable and washable

Compare the reviews to look for body pillows that have a removable and washable pillow cover. While most of them do have one, it’s better if the maternity pillow has an easily accessible zipper without complaints of the zipper prodding into the shoulders while asleep.

  1. Cover material

Check the material for the paternity pillow cover as it should be made from cotton or something comfortable. While a 100% cotton material cover is the preferred choice for most pregnant women, a polyester cover works well too as it’s a cheaper option.

  • Firmness

Compare the pillow’s firmness in the best pregnancy pillow reviews. While the pillow should be firm and durable, it should also be soft and comfortable enough for a pregnant woman, or anyone else to sleep on it.

  1. Adjustable

The pregnancy pillow should have a flexible design and be adjustable to your body contours. This way it fits specifically to your body shape so that you are comfortable while sleeping or watching TV at home. There are also some maternity pillows with detachable parts which can be adjusted, fitted and used as required.

  1. Price

Of course, no comparison is complete without a rate comparison. You can’t expect a cheap pregnancy pillow as they are long-lasting and have to carry the weight of a person, especially a pregnant woman’s weight. This is why most maternity pillows cost between $20 to $100, deepening on its size and material.

  1. Additional uses

Compare the reviews to find out if the pillow offers any additional uses as most of them do. Anyone, even children and small structured-adults can use pregnancy pillows to alleviate heartburn and acid reflux symptoms.

Pregnancy pillows also help while breastfeeding, provide neck, back and general muscular pain relief and also help in the recovery phase of sprained, strained and fractured bones and joints by providing the necessary elevation and support where needed.

Last but not least, check the reviews for hypoallergenic pillows especially if you have allergies or if you suffer from asthma. Also check the pillow size as your partner may not be able to sleep with you if your maternity pillow uses most of the space on your bed!

Once you know what to look out for, you will be able to make a final choice and choose the best just by comparing the best pregnancy pillow reviews!

Buying a home elliptical machine is a good choice. It is universal, as it is suitable both for children and adults, trained and unexperienced users, and can solve many tasks- from the simple improvement of endurance to the weight loss. However, to buy it doesn’t mean to automatically achieve the result. And in the most cases, they don't break or fail but just standing around. Therefore, they don’t bring any benefit to their owners. Anyway, that's a plus for the people who really decided to exercise, as one can always find a second-hand machine at a good price.

Elliptical Machines Benefits

All the elliptical machines are conditionally divided into the “professional” and ”for domestic use”. The professional ones are more resistant. They’re intended for a bigger weight of user and a greater frequency of use. However, they’re not suitable for domestic use for one reason — the track, the machines themselves and their maintenance must be quite regular. The “home” models are just as good as the professional ones, especially if you’ll work out no more than 1-2 hours a day and regularly maintain it.

Sometimes it happens that the model looks perfect on the picture, have a good price and technical parameters, but it is uncomfortable for training, as it has too wide or narrow pedals and a wrong size of handles. It can be just uncomfortable (for example, if the sensor will press your stomach or touch your body). So, there’s no better way than to try it. Even if you’re going to buy the machine online, you should find a similar model in a common shop and test it “in the field”. When you go to test the machines, put on the comfortable workout clothes and sneakers. Usually, the large supermarket chains allow the clients to test the machine, so you’d better to choose the shop that has already made a name in the local market. When you start moving, you must feel completely comfortable: lack of an unnatural amplitude in all joints. Sometimes, in too short or tall people, the shoulder joint works in an unnatural trajectory on “ellipse”, which causes traumas, especially if you work out very often. Things like this are usually felt at once, so you immediately understand what you should do to avoid them— for example, to increase or reduce pedal speed.

You should pay attention to the level of noise of the machine operation. Usually, it is a determining factor for those who make their cardiovascular exercise in the morning, and don't want to wake the whole house. Besides, there are models with the internal fans for cooling the face, but this function doesn’t make it better even as the most basic home split system. So, just choose the perfect room for working out and don’t consider the presence or absence of fan as a selection criterion. Anyway, you’ll need a special mat for the machine, as it will help you to avoid swinging during the movement and make your workout safe.

Benefits of elliptical machine

Using the elliptical machine, you can make cardiovascular exercise of almost any intensity. If you need a higher pulse, you can put higher resistance. If you need to reduce the pulse, you should refuse from the pedal resistance. You can organize an interval training, both alternating the work out with high pedal resistance and without it, and replacing the fast running on the treadmill with the slow walking. The machine doesn't overload your joints, just as running on the treadmill and on the street. Therefore, it is widely used for the post-trauma rehabilitation and different diseases of the joints.